Death In The Afternoon In Guinea

The people of Guinea have spend decades trying to secure the semblance of democratic rights and thousands decided to peacefully protest in favor of honest elections. Captain Moussa Dadis Camara who had overthrown the previous dictator and promised not to run for president claims actions by members of his military were not of his fault. Hundreds of soldiers confronted the demonstrators in a stadium and began firing point blank into the crowd. As people fled for their lives, dozens encountered troops at the exits who bayoneted many and there are reports of dozens of women being raped by the uncontrolled soldiers.

There are reports over 150 are dead and hundreds wounded as a result of the brutal military attack. Camara claims he had nothing to do with the slaughter, but a major reason thousands gathered was to protest his reversal of a promise not to run for president.

It is just another African tragedy and the world could not care less. Now, as to the wall in Israel,,,