Death In The Afternoon In Kabul

It was a pleasant afternoon in the city of Kabul and most people were feeling a sense of security due to the absence of bombings in their city for several weeks. Mothers with children walked into Finest supermarket expecting to do some shopping. They did not notice a man who wandered the aisles gazing at faces rather than at goods. Suddenly, the afternoon was rocked by an explosion as the Taliban agent blew himself up along with nine people who were out for an afternoon shopping in a supermarket. Within moments women and their children lay on the floor and sirens soon sounded with ambulances arriving to pick up the nine dead bodies. Taliban sources claimed the target was a Blackwater Company executive, but no such person ever entered the store. It was a supermarket, there were no security guards because why guard a place where people come to shop with their children.

There will be no angry protests from Muslim clerics at the slaughter of innocent men, women and children. Their deaths will not lead to thousands in the streets of Muslim cities yelling anger at murderers. Now, if a newspaper printed a cartoon……..