Death In The Afternoon

It was a normal Monday afternoon, several US soldiers were joking, some twittering, some writing letters, some enjoying the sun in the quiet of a faraway section of Afghanistan. An Afghan officer approached the Americans, smiling and waving his arms in greeting. He had recently arrived at the base and was part of a training program to prepare Afghan officers to lead men into battle against the Taliban. He was a nice enough guy who enjoyed pranks and had a serious look on his face when undergoing training. This afternoon was designed for target practice and he came prepared with his assault weapon. An American sergeant smiled and told him to keep the weapon pointed toward the target and avoid having it placed in the direction of fellow soldiers. He nodded his head, locked and loaded his weapon, turned toward the targets, then swirled around and began to blast away at the American soldiers. Bullets flew, bodies fell, there were shouts, screams of pain and within a moment six American soldiers lay dead. Someone finally pointed his weapon toward the Afghan, and he soon fell to the ground.

It was just another afternoon in Afghanistan. Of course, nine long years ago, US troops entered Afghanistan in order to get rid of the Taliban. Little did they know a Taliban soldier would kill them on a quiet Monday afternoon in some deserted part of Afghanistan.