Death In The Congo–The Forgotten Slaughter!

Over five million people have died in the Congo over the past several years which represents a slightly higher murder rate than the 700 killed in Gaza, but the world is focused on the Middle East while millions of black skinned people die. The United Nations is endeavoring to hold peace talks not only in Gaza, but in the Congo where rebel forces from Rwanda led by guerilla chief Laurent Nkunda is attempting to disrupt the entire governmental process in the Congo nation. There is something pathetic about the UN which has spoken many words, but done little in reality to aid the ignored people of the Congo. Thousands of women will be raped and brutalized over the coming months while UN discussions take place with thugs like Nkunda and those in the current Congo government.

World attention is focused on Gaza where Israel is killing people and Hamas is enjoying the spectacle of death and destruction. It is clear there is scant appetite among UN officials to assume responsibility for doing anything specific to aid the Congolese people. Their nation lacks oil and their skins are black so why should the UN try to do something about a cease fire in the Congo?

  • stopthewarinnorthkivu

    I have just discovered your blog. I am an humanitarian worker writing from Goma, DRC.
    Thank you very much for talking about Congo, specially these days.
    It´s more than pathetic, the lack of response by the international community is a shame. Even though there is no oil, the mineral richness in this part of the country is a geological scandal. That is precisely why there are many people interested in keeping the present statu quo.

    All the best

  • Fred Stopsky

    The war in the Middle East has absorbed attention while thousands die in the Congo and over 1,700 have died in Zimbabwe due to cholera. We are confronting racism.