Death In The Morning In Lahore

Raymond Davis, a technical advisor working for the US government in Lahore, Pakistan, left his home, stopped at a bank to withdraw money from an ATM and then proceeded to his work assignment. As he drove his eyes caught the sight of two men on motorcycles approach the car. He could see their faces, one of them reached to his belt and withdrew a gun. Davis always carried a weapon in the car, grabbed it and shot the men whose bikes soon crashed leaving them dead. To Pakistan newspapers, Davis was an “American Rambo Gone Beserk In Lahore,” but to Mr. Davis, he was a man defending himself against death. Of course, if this was Texas the police would have given him a medal, but, alas for Davis, the rest of the world does not look kindly on shooting people on motorcycles. The Pakistan prosecutor insists, “He has killed two men.A case is registered against him on murder charges,” but US officials note that Davis has diplomatic immunity.

Another day in Lahore, Pakistan. Another day of death in Lahore, Pakistan. A day in which militants did not shoot anyone, but most probably got shot. When militants kill the innocent, rarely do they get prosecuted. Alas, for Mr. Davis, he was working with “our Allies.”