Death In The Office

It was just another Friday at the office for an American colonel and a major, they were sifting through papers and getting ready to write a report. An Afghan soldier entered their offices, took out a revolver and placed a bullet into the back of the head of these two Americans. The Taliban claim this attack was carried out in retaliation for  burning of some Korans by American soldiers who were simply cleaning up some old refuse.

There comes a time in the history of any society in which its people have to make decisions concerning their lives and futures. The assailant who committed these murders fled the heavily guarded government building without being challenged. Frankly, this episode is bizarre because the murders occurred in broad daylight in a government building. One has to assume someone in the government building knew about the planned murders.

A day ago two American soldiers were murdered. The people of Afghanistan have to make decisions as to whether such murderous behavior is to continue or whether it is time for them to go it alone.