Death Is Norm In Syria

Each day more people die in Syria. Each day thousands of people flee to safety someplace in the battered country of Syria. New figures indicate at least 6,000 more are dead in March, and this raises the total of dead Syrians to about 70,000 since the madness of Bashar al-Assad began two years ago. The longer such conflicts proceed the less interested are the attitudes of those not being killed. It is difficult to identify a demonstration in any Muslim nation which is aimed at the Assad government. It is difficult to identify any group of imams coming together to fight for peace in Syria. The only interested people in this conflict is the government of Assad and insurgent forces which represent a wide variety of views.

The only certainty in the Syrian civil war is that when it concludes there will be another civil war as various factions vie for power. The other certainty is that civilians face another round of violence in which they die as others die to control the country for their own self interests.