Death Is Not Proud In Afghanistan

Death is a daily visitor to American troops in Afghanistan and his work now compels being available twenty four hours a day. Two days ago, three Americans died, yesterday, six more died as Taliban forces assaulted a key headquarters of the National Civil Order Police. X number of the Taliban are dead, another suicide bomber is on his way to Heaven for a meeting with the virgin women and eternity of free sex and the good life. As of July 13, 2010, the number of dead Americans in Afghanistan is now 33. At this rate it may well top a hundred by the end of the month. One might consider the issue of losing a certain number of soldiers in order to attain “victory,” but it is doubtful if anyone in the US military has the slightest idea what “victory” entails. The war goes on, corruption continues, the people of Afghanistan have scant respect for their government and President Obama continues insisting troops will be leaving by 2011.

Republican hawks like Senator John McCain want the war to go on forever–and a day. In 1954, the French were losing their battle to retain the colony of Indo China and asked President Dwight Eisenhower to approve bombing raids against Communist insurgents. He made clear the US was not going to get involved in a land war in Asia to protect corruption or government incompetence. Unfortunately, President Obama does not agree with General Eisenhower’s ideas on war and peace.