Death Is Not Proud In Poland

The story begins in a plane from Poland flying to Russia in order to finally put to rest a World War II tragedy in which dictator Joseph Stalin ordered the murder of over 20,000 Polish prisoners. Something went wrong on the plane and it crashed killing over ninety people including the president of Poland. His twin brother, Jaroslaw Kaczynski attempted to become the new president but lost to liberal Bronislalw Komorowski in a run off election. The Kaczynski brothers have been notorious for blocking enactment of liberal legislation and their opposition to the European Union and its mission. Fortunately, the people of Poland responded and elected Komorowski who intends to modernize Poland and make its economy more liberal in function.

Naturally, the twin believes his brother was a martyr to something. Why is it that anyone who dies in an accident or is murdered automatically inherits the title of “martyr?” Actually, there is some evidence the president went into the cockpit and pestered the pilot which may or may not have influenced the outcome of a crash.