Death Is Not Proud In Syria

Tanks and troop carriers enter towns in Syria to confront people standing peacefully awaiting their fate because they have lost faith in the government of Syria. There are moments of silence, a few voices raised pleading with soldiers to remember all are Muslim and all are Syrians. The soldiers glance to their officers, and then return to the peaceful scene before them. An order is issued, rifles begin firing together with machine guns. Tanks begin to rumble and if some innocent civilian happens to be too slow his body is soon ground to pieces.

President Bashar Al-Assad remains defiant. He tells fellow Arabs his nation is being assaulted by “terrorists” or by “Zionists” or by “Islamists” whom he regards as enemies of his society. Please are made by imams, by leaders of Muslim nations, but the death beat goes on and on. President Obama contacted Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey and both exchanged their frustrations. Each passing day, Assad becomes an even lonelier figure who awaits an eventual death.

It would assist the people of Syria if 200,000 people marched into their nation from Palestine or Egypt or Turkey in order to demonstrate solidarity with those oppressed. Now, if Israel was responsible for deaths……