The other day a few hundred thousand people gathered in Cairo to shout their adherence for an Islamic state in Egypt. Even as they made known their desires, a few hundred miles to the east, thousands of people gathered in their town squares in order to express their defiance of President Assad and his murdering bullies. A main center of resistance is the city of Hama. Almost thirty years ago, the father of Assad slaughtered 10,000 people from this city. His son, apparently, is prepared to kill hundreds more.

Each day residents of Hama gather to express their disdain for the rule of President Assad. Each day, they are greeted by tanks which proceed to level homes and kill dozens of protesters. Each day more of the innocent die. Each day, the silence from Muslim clerics in the Middle East grows louder. Each day protesters will die, and each day, thousands of fellow Muslims in neighboring nations will go about their business not giving a damn about the slaughter of the innocent.