Death Is Not Proud, Just A Child

American society has reached the point at which there are no more words to be said, no more explanations to be made, and certainly no logical defense for unlimited access to weapons of mass destruction. More people die in the United States each year due to use of guns than have died in all our wars since Vietnam. A twelve year old boy somehow obtained access to a 9mm semi automatic Ruger handgun and, instead of bringing an apple to school for the teacher, he brought a bullet of death. The event occurred at the Sparks Middle School near Reno, Nevada when this little boy arrived at school, shot a fellow student and then killed a teacher. He proceeded to place a bullet into his own brain.

OK, there will be editorials, complaints and the NRA and MILLIONS of Americans will defend the use of weapons in our daily lives. Millions will mutter something about the Constitution and proceed with a march in defense of my right to kill. America has become a sick society, it begins with Congress, proceeds to a president who never explains anything and allows his shyness to interfere with his leadership. It is a mess.