Death Is Our Companion In Syria

Each day witnesses death in the streets of Syrian towns, each day witnesses innocent men, women and children blown to bits. President Bashar al-Assad has sent Scud missiles into his own cities as he seeks somehow in some way to control those in rebellion to his government. Each day twenty or forty or six die when a missile hits their town. Each day people go hungry or experience cold and fear, but the war goes on and on. Each day, another delegation arrives in Syria, has a    discussion with Assad and departs for another discussion somewhere else. Death in Syria has become so common that reporting such incidents no longer has a place in the media.

The world accepts Death when there is great death in a country. When was the last time any media outlet in America reported Death from the Congo where about  five million have died during the past decade. Death reaches a point in which Death is a familiar companion, not our foe.