Death Is Unkind In Afghanistan

Abdul Raman was driving his  Toyota Land Cruiser SUV as he watched a convoy of American troops drive along the highway. They were passing a college campus when Abdul noticed a space had opened in the convoy which contained an armored Rino bus and accompanying vehicles whose task was to prevent any bomber from getting to the bus. Abdul carefully sent his car into the open space, and for some reason he was not halted by the guarding vehicles. Abdul saw the bus,  he could see faces peering out windows. Abdul sighed. He thought about his parents and younger brothers and sisters who would be proud of what he accomplished today.

The story ends with Abdul ramming the SUV into the side of the armored bus, his 1500 pounds of explosives created a huge roar of hate as the bus was blown to pieces. Bodies flew through the air, shouts of pain could be heard, and when the smoke cleared there were 13 dead American soldiers.

Thirteen Americans are dead in Afghanistan. They are dead in a country whose president says if the US and Pakistan get into a conflict, his nation will side with Pakistan. Thirteen Americans died yesterday defending a government that would abandon them very quickly.

Is there something wrong with this story?