Death Knows No Religion In Syria

The civil war now raging in Syria has made clear that Death does not single out one religious group to visit his home, it is an equal opportunity employer welcoming one and all. Christians represent about 10% of the Syrian population and most support the existing government to the vagaries of behavior so common among those of the Muslim religion. Sunnis hate Shiites, Shiites hate Christians and all hate Jews. Since Christians fear Islamic fundamentalists they have either remained neutral during the civil war or they support the Assad government. There is scant evidence that rebel forces seek aid or friendship from Christian groups. Yesterday, rebel gunmen murdered 11 people on the streets of central Syrian cities. The dead included women and children. Most rebels are Sunni and they hate President Assad as well as those who support the present government.

Priests have been kidnapped and shot and beaten up by Sunni forces. The potential tragedy awaiting Christians is the overthrow of President Assad might well be followed by open attacks on Christians and loss lives. Attacking Christians on Monday might result in tomorrow’s death of an innocent Christians.