Death Leads To Growth

The theory of Drones insists that if we continue to kill those in charge of the Taliban organization the end result will be a decline in leadership and a decline in violence in Afghanistan or in parts of Pakistan where the Taliban controls large areas of the country. That is THE THEORY. What about the evidence? Do we possess accurate proof that killing the top people results in lower echelons deciding to pack up their weapons and head home? On Friday, in North Waziristan, Taliban leader Hakimiellah Mehused was leaving a meeting with other leaders when down from the sky came a few American missiles. He, along with five other militants was instantly killed. OK, successful mission. Six dead Taliban.

Within twenty four hours the Taliban organization had designated Khan Sayad Sajina as the new leader in North Waziristan and the killing will go on. The Taliban are NOT going away despite the death of hundreds of its followers. Each drone attack most probably is a recruiting device to get more members of the Taliban. The strategy is NOT working.

Remember that members of the Viet Cong fought for thirty years and never gave up. Are you listening, Mr. President?