Death Lingers In Sri Lanka

The long civil war which raged on the island nation of Sri Lanka took almost three decades to conclude, but end it did the past two years. Many reporters during the last months of this brutal civil war noted that thousands of innocent civilians were trapped in gunfire between opposing forces. In many cases, government artillery and plane bombings killed thousands of people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many observers have urged the Sri Lanka government to investigate what occurred. It claims there was an investigation and nothing incorrect occurred.

The United States and other nations are seeking a resolution from the UNHCR that will urge Sri Lanka to confront what happened. According to Eileen Donohue, US  Ambassador to the UNHCR: “many thousands of civilians died or suffered in the final weeks of   the long civil war in 2009. There has been no complete account of their deaths.”

So, let’s have one.