Death Never Ceases Wandering In America

I,along with millions, have mixed feelings regarding death penalty. Yes, what would I do if someone murdered my child? It is a complex emotional issue that must be confronted by each individual. However, reality is that if anyone is going to be executed for the crime of murder it will be a black or Hispanic male, not a white one. I do not believe a single person during the entire 20th century was executed in America for murder whose wealth totaled a million dollars. We Americans insist upon being termed “exceptional.” Yes, we are. We lead the world in the number of people in jail, we rank among the top five in executing people for murder. Herbert Smulls robbed a store in 1991 and in the process killed the store owner.

He was just executed despite urgings by his lawyer that due to drugs being used, his death would take time–as it recently did for a man who took 25 minutes to die. We apparently have run out of the right dose of pentabartied that ensures a quick and painless death. Enough with the killing. How about ceasing to be “exceptional” and become like those Europeans and end execution of those who murder?