Death Never Ends Its Voyage

The path to safety always encounters road blocks that all too frequently result in death. For many people in Africa the fear of starvation leads them to seek another opportunity for life in Euope. These people are willing to do the dirty work of modern society, picking up the dirt of daily existence or working in the fields of wheat and corn. A ship carrying hundreds of African migrants headed toward the promised land of Europe caught fire, capsized and sent 114 people to watery deaths. Oh, this story has captured the headlines for a -day. There will be comments of sorrow, the media will have a field day displaying the bodies, particulary those wonderful photos of dead children. Of course, each week another ship from Africa heads north to the promised lands of Europe, and each week many of those people are returned to African poverty.

The “good news” about this tragedy is there was scant need for ambulances. The bad news is there was need for many caskets. None of the children on the boat survived and most of the women also died. Another day of death. Another photo op. Another day of sorrowful speeches. Just another day in the lives of some poor people.