Death Not Key Story In Nigeria

There is a story which this blog would so love to report–no one got killed today in Nigeria. Alas, that is definitely a story that will appear and appear until the government of Nigeria gets around from ceasing to rob its own people, and regards itself as leaders committed to the security of Nigerians. Once again, yesterday, Boko Haram thugs murdered 28 more innocent villagers. As they killed and burned homes, the Nigerian Army remained in their barracks, no doubt watching a soccer match. Since Boko Haram kidnapped 300 young girls from their school, about 450 Nigerians have been slaughtered by this gang whose goal in life is to kill and kill and kill.

When one joins the Nigerian army one takes a pledge never, under any conditions, to fire a weapon against anyone. Nigerian soldiers understand the first and only rule of conduct in its army is to remain at peace with the world and to keep a rifle free from being used. Death rampages through Nigeria and peace and quiet rampage through the Army. I assume that promotions in the Nigerian Army are based on how many bullets remain unfired.