Death Of A Child, So What?

it was a minor story buried in the middle of a newspaper, a story about an eight year old boy in Afghanistan who was kidnapped by the Taliban who wanted his father,a policeman, to hand over a police car. Father refused their request, so the Taliban hung the little boy.In the scheme of things, the death of an eight year old boy is hardly worth a line in any media source. Announcement of the boy’s death came just as the nut case in Norway was in the process of murdering 90 children in the name of whatever he advocates. Of course, it is doubtful if the Norwegian version of the Taliban even knew his actions were wrong. He believed in something, therefore someone must die. The Taliban believe in their cause, they simply wanted a police car to use in some criminal scheme and dad would not turn it over.

I was raised during the Holocaust and lost dozens of relatives in that German tragedy so I am well aware fanatics come in all sizes, all colors of skin and all religious affiliations. I am certain his killers ate their dinner and chatted about the day’s work. A boy is dead, big deal, we believe in the truth and so we must kill for the truth or how else will the world learn about the truth?