Juliano Mer Khamis was a good man. His mother was Jewish and his father was an Arab. He devoted his life to working for peace and had become a vocal critic of Israel policies toward Palestinians. He fought for the rights of Palestinians. In 2006, he opened an amateur theater company in Jenin, a city torn by violence in an effort to afford young Palestinians opportunities to develop their creative capacities. He had been an actor, director and worked in all aspects of the movie and theater industries. Mer Khamis had been threatened for working with Palestinians and his production of “Animal Farm” undoubtedly was not grasped by Palestinian militants. “We lack a culture of criticism. We lack a culture of free thinking” was one of his complaints about the Palestinian people with whom he increasingly identified.

Yesterday, one or a group of Palestinians entered the theater and killed him. How ironic. At a time when Muslims in the region are demanding democracy, these fools killed a man who was on their side in the quest for a democratic Palestine. Such is the way of stupidity. Kill those who are on your side!