Death Of A Roma Family In Hungary

The Roma family was gathered around the dinner table prepared for the evening meal when suddenly their peaceful life was interrupted by shouts and then fire bombs entered their home. As the family tried to escape, the father and his five year old son were gunned down by a group of bigots who hate and fear anyone who is not like them. The attack was one of several that in recent months have hit Roma families in an area south of Budapest. The police chief in the town said at least four Romas have been murdered in this manner. “There have been at least sixteen attacks on Roma homes, involving guns, petrol bombs or grenades in the last twelve months. In only one case has the perpetrator been brought to justice.”

A member of the European Union reacted with anger saying there apparently was little effort on the part of police to actively search to find the murderers. It took days before police in the village even admitted there had been a murder because their initial reaction was deaths followed a fire in the home. Hungarians a few weeks ago were shocked when an outstanding Roma handball player was murdered, but his assailant was never found. When will Hungary wake up to the hatred in their backyard?