Death Of An Unknown Man

He was a homeless man, dirty, smelled of urine and the type of person we walk by refusing to allow our eyes to gaze at the filth he represents. He was an alcoholic, he took drugs and he even had only one leg. I do not know his name, I do not know the history of this human, he was simply one of “those people” Fox News pundits are so quick to describe as the source of our economic problems. For those who do not understand modern America, the 11 Trillion dollar debt is the result of lazy, shiftless people like this man, and, of course, teachers who live off the fat of the land.

He came to the Emergency Room at Roosevelt Hospital in New York. He told the nurse of his attempted suicide and complained of pains. He was wheeled into a room. A nurse approached, berated him for lying about his illness. He wheeled himself out of the hospital.

They found him the next morning. He died of an over dose of morphine. Just another statistic in modern America. And, no one knows his name.