Death of Christianity

Before the Bush initiated invasion of Iraq there were over 900,000 Christians in that country, and they traced their heritage back nearly two thousand years ago when they became among the early converts to Christianity. Thanks to God loving good Christian George Bush there are now less than 600,000 left in the country as thousands have fled the “democracy” established by neo-conservative Americans. A group of al-Qaeda gunmen entered the Our Lady of Salvation Chaldean Church in Baghdad and during the following hours killed at least 50 Christians at prayer and wounded dozens more. As they gleefully shot, the young Muslims shouted, “you are infidels,” or “we’re going to heaven, you’re going to hell.” Based on their accents it appears many were not Iraqi born.

There is something bizarre about a man who claims to have found God after hitting the bottle who winds up driving Christianity from Iraq. I guess the only way that Shiites and Sunnis can work together in Iraq is by forming a common bond to drive out the infidel Christians.