Death Of Gallant Russian Freedom Fighter

Prime Minister Putin had many opportunities while president of his nation to develop a foundation of freedom and democracy, but his authoritarian tendencies prevented those seeds from being planted and nourished. A crowd of several hundred people gathered to commemorate the second anniversary of the death of Ana Politovokaya, who fought gallantly as a reporter and investigator seeking the truth, to help the seeds of freedom to grow into a solid tree of liberty. She was gunned down by a group of men because she stood up to the forces of authoritarianism in her beloved land. Dimitry Muratiov, her editor, spoke about her death and that of another reporter, Dimitry Kholodov, and noted “the very court heard the murder case of Dimitry Kholodov and let his killers go free.”

Ana’s daughter in tears said it was doubtful if the men charged with her mother’s murder would have their names ever “published in our country.” President Medvedev, is a former lawyer, and he has pledged to bring to his nation the concept of legality. If the killers of reporters are convicted and sentenced to prison, that would be a very important first step.