Death Of Innocent In Syria

Words can never express the horror of what daily transpires in Syria. New reports from Human Rights Watch describe how the troops of  President Bashar al-Assad entered a village, forced men, women and children out of their homes, placed them on a road and had this band of innocent people proceed into a new village in order to shield Syrian troops from getting fired upon. It happened yesterday, it will happen today and tomorrow.

There are American political leaders like Ron Paul who argue death of the innocent are of no concern to Americans. There are  imams all over the Midlde East who are worried about cartoons or pictures that depict the Prophet, but have scant interest in the death of fellow Muslims. There are those in the US like Mitt Romney who  blame President Obama for either doing or not doing something about these deaths. And, there is Prime Minister Medvedev of Russia who finally agrees something must be done in Syria to end the violence. He warned we are now at the “last chance for Syria to  avoid a protracted and bloody civil war.”

The bottom line is that no nation is willing to risk anything to save human lives.