Death Of Peacemakers Seeking Peace

Pictures presented by Libyan television of dead imams most probably represent what happened to a delegation of ministers of peace who were trying to foster peace in their land. Libyan spokesperson, Moussa Ibrahim, blasted away at the West by making clear the death of 11 imams and wounding of over 40 was the result of a NATO air strike. They apparently had halted in the city of Brega and were in a mosque when bombs hit the facility. “We will never accept from NATO that this was an accident.” Meanwhile, Muammar Gaddafi has apparently fled from Tripoli where reports indicate he was wounded in a NATO attack. The ever defiant Gaddafi proclaimed; “I am telling the coward crusaders that I am at a place you cannot reach and kill me.”

As long as there is such dependency upon the use of air power there will be dead innocent people. That is reality. Hopefully, the rebels can push forward to Tripoli, but even that remains in doubt. Gaddafi attempts to portray himself as a crusader against invading Christians. As I recall, those Muslims were in the front lines, not hiding in a far away building.