Death Of Teachers

I have taught children for over fifty years and during these years encountered a few scenes of angry young people who were prone to some form of violence like shouting or pushing, but never any encounter with a loaded weapon. During the past week, two teachers were murdered by their own students and the deaths go on and on. Michael Landsberry who survived fighting in Afghanistan was killed by a twelve year old boy bent on killing someone. Colleen Ritzer was murdered by a 14 year old boy she was tutoring in math. The boy cut her neck while she bent over in love for him. I do not believe these young people are any more violent than children of the past, but something is different. In the American obsession with guns and violence, the end result is to encourage those in school that acts of violence fall under the 2nd Amendment. The NRA, is part of the culture of violence which now is allowed in school and the end result is death for teachers.

I have taught children in Harlem, I have taught children in rural America, but today there is a new spirit which proclaims the RIGHT to act violently and it is sponsored by gun nuts who believe they are threatened by someone. The only threat to their security is the face in the mirror of life.