Death Of The Innocent In Afghanistan

President Hamid Karzai is on the war path in his fight to attain victory in his nation. Well, perhaps, he is not as much concerned about victory, but he seeks to come across as the great defender of his people. The latest dispute arose when General David Petraeus supposedly insulted the people of Afghanistan by claiming they deliberately burned hands and feet of children in order to prove that NAT)/US planes were bombing their villages. Karzai also claimed Admiral Smith made similar remarks. “The president,” said a news release, “was extremely annoyed by the comments made by Admiral Smith that Afghans boil the feet and feet of their children to discipline them and we find these comments outrageous, insulting and racist.” a spokes person for General Petraeus said the general was arguing that supposed wounds inflicted on children during a supposed air raid, “may have been the result of discipline sometimes handed out to Afghan children.”


1. Air raids DO result in the death of innocent civilians, and most probably of children.

2. Drone attacks can NOT be perfect and to pretend so is misleading about reality.

3. Perhaps, General Petraeus should just shut up and cease making such remarks. After all, he comes from a country in which 20 states still allow corporal punishment of children in school and at home.