Death On The Street

It was just another Saturday night in Greenwich Village, men and women were out strolling and men and men and women and women were out strolling. A peaceful night with warm breezes caressing faces. A few steps from the famous Stonewall Inn which was the scene in 1969 of a demonstration by gays and lesbians for their rights a man decided to pee in the street. He was angry about something. Elliot Morales then entered the Inn and challenged the manager by asking if he was going to call the police. He pointed to his gun and then left. Morales and two friends walked along the street uttering  angry comments at gay couples and laughed with delight when some displayed fear on their faces.

Finally, Morales confronted Marc Carson who was walking with friends. He angrily inquired: “do you want to die here?” Carson shook his head in the negative, but this did not please Morales. He took out his revolver, aimed and killed Carson. Just another pleasant night in gun crazy America where guns are the friends of peace.