Death Over Life?

Given the state of this world in which Americans rush to purchase assault rifles and other such materials of death, it is not surprising that a woman in Sweden has reached the conclusion she prefers dead to living people. A 37 year old woman collects bones of dead people and some times places them in bed with her in order to enjoy the presence of death. Heck, Americans insist they prefer having a gun in their bedroom to a spouse who can get one sexually aroused. After all, what is a more powerful sexual presence than a nice gun by your side as you sleep.

This woman collects bones in the same manner that Americans collect guns. The boy who went on a rampage in Connecticut had a mother who possessed five guns and apparently they were within touching presence of her disturbed son. So, what is wrong about a woman who sleeps with bones, hugs bones and gets sexually aroused when touching bones? She is no different than the NRA man who lovingly touches and cradles his gun. Both get turned on by death.