Death Penalty Common In Maliki Iraq

George Bush brought “democracy” to Iraq, but the former governor of Texas also brought his home state’s approach to dealing with criminals– kill them. The British newspaper, the Independent, reports secret executions are being carried out in Iraq prisons. According to Robert Fisk: “the hangings are carried out regularly–from a wooden gallows in a small, cramped cell– in Saddam Hussein’s old intelligence headquarters at Kazimiyah. There is not public record of these killings in what is now called Baghdad’s high security detention faciliity.” Most of those being killed are supposedly “insurgents” although there is indication rapists and murderers are also being put to death.

Informants told Fisk the actual process of executing people resembles something out of olden times. Some are asked to jump off stools and when they don’t initially die other means must be found to ensure death. In the madness that continues to exist in Iraq, mistaken identify and false passports are all too common which ensures that many being executed may not necessarily be the actual criminal.

George Bush never worried too much over killing people and invariably rejected appeals. Prime Minister Maliki appears to come from the same mind set. Although, Europe has abandoned the death penalty, Iraq is marching in tune with Texas.