Death Redeux

There is one comfort in reading about events in Syria, there are no surprises. President Bashar al-Assad will order new bombings, hundreds more will die in air raids or from artillery shells or from sniper fire. As UN and Arab League representatives were discussing a possible cease fire to honor a Muslim holiday, fighter planes were blasting away at Aleppo. The city is now no longer a city but a graveyard for those who can not get away from death.

The Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha began on Friday and by Monday over 400 were dead. Over 100  died on Sunday. Reality is the rebellion has lasted too long for those currently fighting to reach a peaceful solution. Death is no longer a stranger but a welcome guest in the homes of opposing forces. As far as Assad is concerned, “after me comes the deluge.”

The real question is: will there be a viable Syria comes next year?