Death Reigns In Syria

Death is not taking a  holiday in Syria as  daily deaths accumulate both for government forces and members of the Free Syrian Army. Chinese foreign office officials blame the West for obstructing the process of restoring peace to Syria. According to Wang Kejian, the West wants to institute “regime change” which runs counter to ensuring President Bashar al-Assad can continue murdering his own people. There is scant doubt that Russia and China are terrified that oppressed people would rebel against “the government.”

For President Vladimir Putin of Russia and members of the Chinese government those in authority speak the truth, those not in authority must obey the truth. Putin is a frightened man whose main concern is the emergence in his country of a valid opposition party. That is at the center of Russia’s policy in Syria. The issue has never been what is best for the people of Syria, the issue is how does Russia and China thwart expressions of free choice on the part of people.