Death Takes No Easter Holiday

I am an inhabitant of the United States of America. As a citizen of this country, the United States Supreme Court insists that I have the legal right to wander the streets armed to kill because the “2nd Amendment passed in 1787 says it.” Somehow, I doubt if those who wrote the Constitution really believed anyone, anytime, anywhere had the right to carry a gun and blast away if felt threatened. The Supreme Court, the National Rifle Association, our members of Congress and many state legislators insist the right to be armed is YOUR RIGHT! After all, “if you think” someone is a threat to your life, you have the right to shoot him! Given, this attitude, is it surprising that gangs of young men in Chicago believe since they are threatened they have the right to shoot and shoot?

Over the Easter weekend in Chicago 45 young people were shot with the result nine are dead and the others are in hospitals. According to Ronald Holt of the Chicago police, “fratricide” is occurring and many young people believe “the only way to resolve a conflict is to get a gun and go shoot to kill.” His 17 year old son died this way.

How are Chicago youth who shoot any different from NRA types who proclaim their right to use violence because they do not like this or that law? Right now NRA vigilantes are protecting the property of a rancher who refuses to pay the exorbitant fee of $1.35 per cow for grazing rights and Republicans hail these men as heroes!