Death Takes No Holiday In Afghanistan

To the average American soldier serving overseas it must appear as though wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have gone on and on. Actually, the only war to surpass these conflicts in length was in Vietnam. Another day in Afghanistan, more deaths in that far away  land, and the end of violence is no where in sight. A suicide   bomber drove his car into a convoy of Americans and killed himself along with three soldiers and a few Afghans. Elsewhere in Afghanistan another suicide bomber killed self and a soldier.

I frequently wonder how I would  feel after four or six or God knows how many deployments in Afghanistan violence continues, my buddies still die or get wounded and  all too many of my friends return home with Post Traumatic  Stress Disorder. Yes, they suffer but those who sent them to these places of horror make thousands giving lectures and writing articles justifying the deaths of the innocent. Say, is that guy, George, still chopping wood in Texas??