Death Takes No Holiday In Afghanistan

We have been fighting in Afghanistan for over a decade and death continues securing new members from among those engaged in battle. There are times when I become confused as to which year this is, who is fighting, why  are we fighting and when, if ever, will the fighting cease. Yesterday, in Afghanistan a NATO patrol was walking through a village when two men walked toward them, reached inside their shirts and set off explosives. Three NATO soldiers died, two members of the Taliban died, and, naturally, several civilians died simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The months roll by, the years roll by, the decade rolls by, and death continues its life in Afghanistan. American soldiers will depart next year or the year after, but death will remain in Afghanistan. It has found a home amidst the debris of lost opportunities and corrupt leaders. In the end, women will be deprived of rights, corruption will deprive any chance to create a viable economy, and writers will discuss what should have been done in Afghanistan.