Death Takes No Holiday In Africa

Dead bodies lie scattered around a mall in Nairobi, Kenya after al-Shabaab militants from Somali blasted their way into crowds of innocent people in order to fulfill their obligations to God. The assault on the mall aimed at inflicting the most deaths regardless of whether the person was aan a dult of child. It is rather difficult to believe that any God would sanction the death of children who are in a state of innocence. It is hard to accept that a pregnant woman can be murdered in the name of some God. At least 67 are dead, hundreds wounded because some Muslim militants believe some religious principles sanction death of the innocent. These militants excuse their actions because they did ask shoppers if they were Muslim and if they could answer some questions they were excused from death.

There are reports among the attackers were militants from the United States-the state of Minnesota which has a large number of Somalis–and some from the United Kingdom. I do not understand such murders. Perhaps, it stems from not being completely in the grasp of a religion