Death Takes No Holiday In Baghdad

There no longer are American troops in Iraq. No longer do US Marines patrol the streets of Baghdad which today witness the sight of Iraqi soldiers attempting to maintain law and order. But, during the Ramdadan month of July over 1,000 Iraqi people died in Baghdad and more than two thousand were wounded. Over this past weekend bombs ripped through the marketplaces leaving 57 dead and over 150 wounded. Why? Prime Minister Maliki has failed to grasp the importance of creating a coalition government that incorporates Sunni leaders. This failure has resulted in a new civil war in Iraq between Shiite and Sunni which increases in death and destruction every day. The Kurds simply remain apart from this death and destruction by creating their own state in the north. There is a civil war and until Shiites recognize that Iraq can never create a stable society without all being part of the nation, then people will die -every day.

This is simply another legacy of George Bush and the dynamic duo of Cheney and Rumsfeld. They lacked any understanding of the people of Iraq and simply made worse a horrible situation. Perhaps, Iraq required division into separate states. Perhaps, a new Iraq government required guarantees for the Sunni minority -supported by American forces. There was need for an alternative universe. It never happened and death roams the streets of Baghdad.