Death Takes No Holiday In Egypt

The famous “Arab Spring”burst on the scene over two years ago. Thousands crowded the streets of Cairo, secular mixed with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Coptic Christians were seen demanding freedom along with their Islamic brothers and sisters. Great Expectations were felt in the hearts of the people of Egypt. Last weekend dozens of people were killed by security forces, this time the killers were allies of secular Egyptians in the fight against Islamic fundamentalists. What went wrong with this long needed revolution of expectations?

1. Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood missed the point of what people wanted. The Expectation was for a modern economy that provided work for all. Instead, Morsi and the MB were concerned about religious law.

2. The expectation was for uniting all people in Egypt and creating a modern democratic society. Instead, Morsi was only interested in power for one group–the Muslim Brotherhood.

3. The expectation was for finally ending control by the Armed forces over Egyptian society. Instead, Morsi was interested in ending their control and installing a new control–by the Muslim Brotherhood.

So, dozens, if not hundreds, are dead or wounded. And, there is a new war in Egypt.