Death Takes No Holiday In Iraq

It is rather ironic as the Bush Library opens in Texas with praise from five former presidents, news from Iraq indicates that 260 people died in bomb attacks over the past ten days and at least 500 were wounded. Americans recall the famous Bush claim in April, 2003 of: Mission Accomplished! We recall his famous “surge”under General Petraeus that allegedly led to peace and quiet in Iraq. Car bombs are a regular event in Baghdad. Murder of  Sunni are common as Prime Minister Maliki seeks revenge of those who once oppressed Shiites when Saddam Hussein was in power. Instead of reaching out to Sunnis and offering peace and cooperation, he has attacked, he has fired Sunni leaders and the result is chaos and death.

Not only has Maliki endeavored to antagonize Sunnis, he is attempting to gain control of Kurdistan with its oil wealth. The oil   rich province of Kirkuk is under attack and the end result might be open war.

No Weapons of Mass Destruction, No Mission Accomplished, No Surge for Peace, just war, violence and death. I am glad our former presidents were happy to be in a Library which depicts a peaceful Iraq!