Death Takes No Holiday In Mexico

The American people, like many in this world, have a  love affair with drugs. We            consume enormous quantities of drugs and a high percent come from the sad nation of Mexico. The act of making possession of drugs a “crime” is really a crime against the people of Mexico. Since 2006 over 70,000 people have been killed in the drug  wars that rage in Mexico because we Americans insist that using drugs is among the high crimes in life. Prior to 1912 drugs were perfectly legal in this nation, and thus there were  no drug gangs to distort life either in America or in Mexico. Our insistence on criminalizing drugs has torn Mexico to pieces.

Alfredo Paramo and his brother,Diego, were in the city of Chihuahua  and  came to the attention of drug thugs who proceeded to chase them through the streets until both were shot to death. Their crime was being the son of David Paramo, a journalist who has taken on drug lords. The boys were killed, but every American is responsible for their deaths. It is time to make drugs legal and end the horror which besets Mexico.