Death Takes No Holiday

It was just another day in Afghanistan at an army base which was home to American and Afghan soldiers. Shops had been set up in the camp which provided food, drink and other goods for those who were on duty. Old men gathered at cafes to smoke and drink and enjoy the pleasant weather of sun. Unknown to them, a Taliban suicide bomber had entered the base, he walked around for a few moments until he spotted some NATO soldiers talking with their Afghan colleagues. The suicide bomber said a few prayers in silence knowing this was his last moment of life. He got close the group which was standing outside a cafe that was crowded with civilians. The bomber got closer, he could see eye colors, then his hand went under the robe, he pulled a string and there was an explosion. Body parts flew in the air, and the wounded moaned in agony. After the shock ended, two NATO soldiers were dead as well as two Afghan civilians.

The Taliban email justified the attack claiming civilians were in the service of the Crusaders and deserved to die. Of course, to the Taliban, one dead person is just like another. The day ended. It was just another normal day in Afghanistan.