Death Takes No Holidays In Muslim Lands

We now live in the 21st century. Throughout known human history people have been fighting and dying and slaughtering one another in the name of this God or that God or this religious belief or that one. Over 80% of Muslims adhere to the Sunni branch of the religion while remaining Muslims are Shiites. A high percent of Shia are clustered in the Middle East including such powerful nations as Iran and Iraq. Pick up a daily newspaper and it contains a story about Sunnis killing Shiites or Shiites murdering Sunnis. Yes, the murder of those who prayed to the “wrong God” was a common experience in Europe of the past. About four hundred years ago, they finally decided on a truce so energy could be focused on murdering people who just were different. Of course, along came Adolf Hitler to revise the emphasis on murdering those who did not like your version of God.

I am not an expert on what makes one a “good religious” person. I know it has something to do with something that happened a few hundred years ago. Today, someone blew up a Shiite in Iraq or a Sunni in Somalia or a Christian, Alawite or Sunni or Shiite in Syria. Death refuses to take any break from his journeys with Death. I have a hunch that God DOES take a holiday from Death-why else would we term him God??