Death Visits Syria Again And Again!

Death is an unwelcome visitor to the people of Syria. He enters their homes, halts them in the street, and makes certain not a day goes by that another innocent young man or woman dies. President Bashar Assad is simply another name for Death. He dispatched troops into the city of Hama which has been a stronghold of those opposing his regime and human rights activists estimate by the time night fell,  at least 74 to a hundred were dead as a result of enemy action.

Hama based human rights activist Omar Hamawi told the media “residents are committed to resistance through peaceful means. .. People will not surrender this time. We will not allow a repetition of what happened in 1982.” The reference is to the slaughter of 10,000 people in Hama by the father of the current president. But, unarmed men and women can not resist those determined to allow death to be the visitor who enters homes without an invitation.

There are no reports of imams gathering in Muslim nations to protest these murders. There are no reports of thousands of Muslims crowding streets in angry protest at the death of fellow Muslims. Silence reigns. That is why Death reigns in Syria!