Death Without Fury

James Holmes gained instant fame by entering a movie theater and killing a dozen people while wounding over 50. His name is now known throughout the world. Articles and books and TV shows and movies will be made about his life. Fifty years from now psychologists will be discussing the man with red hair who shifted from being a Ph.D. candidate to a candidate for Hell. But, the same day that he killed, hundreds of other humans were being killed without any notice on the part of the media.

In northern India, members of the ethnic Bodo tribe attacked Muslim settlers and killed at least 20 of them. They burned 80 homes in order to make clear their desire for Muslims to leave their land. In Iraq, over 100 died on a bloody day of slaughter and death. It is doubtful if movies will be made about these dead people. It is not the number killed that interests the media, but who are those being killed!