Deaths In Afghanistan, The Beat Goes On!

Seven additional American soldiers died over the weekend in Afghanistan. Vehicles hit IEDs, men on the ground encountered suicide bombers or fanatics opening up with their weapons on Americans seeking to pacify large areas of southern Afghanistan. At this point in time, the only certainty is that at least 40 American soldiers will die next month and the month after. Even as bodies of the dead were collected, stories came from Kabul that President Karzai had once again halted investigations of his associates by prosecutors seeking to end corruption in government and attempt to offer the people of this sadly neglected nation the semblance of law and order. Karzai insists there can not be any prosecution of his friends because without his friends he might be a man alone in a nation that has drifted further away from the anti-Taliban feeling which was so prevalent nine years ago.

Seven additional American soldiers died over the weekend. The sad reality is America lacks a strategy of “winning” a war in Afghanistan anymore than it possesses a strategy on how to get out of this mess. Dead bodies accumulate. Afghans have long lost any hope their government will ever offer an effective governance. The only certainty is that Karzai and his clique will make money. The only certainty is that seven soldiers will die next weekend.