Debts?-Just Join Tea Party!

I admit to being born in a different time, a different era, an era in which people had the quaint notion that debts were to be paid. Alas, I now inhabit a Tooth Fairy land in which one chooses whether or not to pay a debt. According to the Republican Party, or should I say, the Tea Party collection of mentally deranged individuals, one no longer in modern America has to pay a debt. Just inform the person you owe money that the debt payment will be sent–when you get the money. Naturally, the person or institution owed money will smile and say, “I will wait, I am a member of the Tea Party.” President Obama warns this approach to economics might not just be accepted in other nations of the world. Republicans insist all one has to do is to “prioritize” who is paid. If you doubt this will work, just read the Constitution. All one has to do is grab a gun, go to the person owed money and Stand Your Ground with rifle pointed at this person.

President Obama made a ludicrous comment about the debt, just another example of his “liberal ideas.” “What I am told is: if the markets are seeing that we are not paying our bills on time, that will affect our creditworthiness.” What a strange idea. John Boehner wants the president to repeal the Affordable Care Act and then he will give in. What a quaint idea.