Decline And End Of American Empire?

There is a growing sense within America that something is changing which has fundamental and long term impact for the nation. It is now a decade of government deficits, stagnation of middle class incomes, and wars that seemingly have no end. In 1980, the top one percent owned about 8% of the wealth and today they own over 20% of our wealth. Years ago California had the most innovative approach to higher education which was virtually free for most residents, and today, its schools and colleges are overwhelmed by rising costs leading to higher tuition and more students in elementary and secondary schools.

OK, the US still is a leader in patents, it still  has a dynamic technology center and it still attracts immigrants from around the world. Ironically, as those immigrants enter the country, it results in a rising tide of hate and anger. America is a land founded by immigrants and now today descendants of those who came hate those who come.

We have a government which is deadlocked. There are moments when the Greek government comes across as more effective than those in Washington D.C. A major factor in this situation emanates from changes in the Republican party which is controlled by those with wealth. Ironically, Tea Party folk  yell about corporate power and vote for those who seek to expand corporate power.

We are currently in the Era Of  Deadlock. Not a single intelligent proposal to deal with our economic issues can get through Congress. Is it time for a new political party is the question?